To raise awareness about the underlying plot by the elitists (aka zionists, illuminati, cabal, satanists, wealthy 1%) to take control over, run and own the entire world to bring the NWO (new world order) agenda of theirs to fruition: ONE world tyrannical government ruled by them, ONE world church to worship lucifer, ONE world bank owned by them, ONE world military under their order... in essence, all the world and all the 99% remaining people (not them) they desire to enslave, own, and control. THIS would be a travesty no words can describe upon us all, upon humanity, upon the world. We, the 99% peoples of the world, must unite and prevent this from ever happening. These elitists are deeply rooted in almost every government of the world. We all must do everything we can to break apart, destroy this mission and Break Free from their wicked grip on the world.

Opposition to NWO


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It's important to remember: "Anti-zionism is NOT antisemitism", because zionists are NOT real or actual believers in Judaism. Zionists only 'use' Judaism as a false front so they can claim antisemitism whenever anyone or any group speaks out against their wicked acts against humanity, all to appease their insatiable lust for wealth and power. Zionists worship satan/lucifer and are driven to do satan's deeds and to raise lucifer up to rule over the world. The one world church as part of the new world order is intended for worshiping satan/lucifer NOT God.

Zionism is the greatest threat to world peace, period. The #zionists are the wicked 'master puppeteers', the 'string pullers', behind ALL the wars, the terrorism, etc.. All we see is the work and the horrible results of their puppets, who the zionists acquire the allegiance of their puppets to do their bidding for them through bribery, blackmail, extortion, manipulation, and whatever evil means they can think of.

For instance, the zionists love politicians who have skeletons in their closet and the bigger, the better. This is also how #pizzagate or #pedogate fits neatly into this zionist equation. When a person has a very dark, despicable secret, that person can be forced into doing most anything, if not in fact, anything, just to keep their secret(s) protected.

This is why we have such corruption in the US and in other countries around the world because of the zionist puppets deeply planted into the political systems and vital areas of countries. This is also referred to as the 'deep seat'. Here in the US, zionist puppets are covertly doing the zionist bidding in our CIA, MSM, military, political, judicial, banking, educational systems and have influence to control our health and well being, particularly with big pharma and the FDA.

The zionists, as part of their #NWO (control/rule the entire world) agenda, want to exterminate BILLIONS of people from the earth. They want WWIII and the way to pull it off is to have the super powers go to war with each other. Hence, the 'planted puppets' in the US are trying any angle they can to instigate war with Russia.

Then about #ISIS... ISIS is nothing more than a zionist agenda with the intent to have Christians and Muslims against each other, with the goal being that the two religious groups will eliminate each other. Since these two are the largest opposition, after these two are eliminated, all remaining religious groups will be easier to eliminate, with the atheists and the true Jewish people not exempt from this agenda, because zionists aren't 'true Jews', but are only operating under the 'umbrella of Judaism'.

Zionists are really 'satanists'. They've already gotten their claws into the Vatican because the Vatican is to become the one world church but not to worship God; rather to make all remaining people follow and worship lucifer or else be eliminated. Then the devil can have his ultimate revenge on God. The zionists, who aren't true followers of Judaism, will and do claim antisemitism whenever the truth about them is spoken but it's just a cunning tactic they use against those who dare tell about the real, dark, and wicked truth about them. Remember, satan is the master of deception.

It's acutely imperative that the mass majority of the 'peopleS' (plural) of the world awaken and see the full and complete picture of the zionist true mission so we all can comprehend how crucial it is that the 99% JOIN FORCES AGAINST zionism. If we don't join forces; if we continue to attack each other using our differences as an excuse, we will be leading humanity to its final doom. We must seek truth to share and awaken others through reliable sources, non-zionist controlled media, which excludes MSM because the zionists own and control all the major MSM news sources.

The only way to get rid of and not have to deal with symptoms, is to "eradicate the cause". So if we, the peopleS of the world, truly want to rid the world of wars, terrorism, starvation, etc., then we have to "eradicate the cause" TOGETHER, OUR ONE COMMON ENEMY, zionism. We, the "united 99%", can because the 1% against the "united 99%" has a snowball's chance in hell of surviving and the zionists know this.

This is why they direct our focus on subject matter, such as our differences, to drive wedges between us and so many fall right into the trap. EVERY time we bully, insult, show disrespect, prey on, use, abuse, assault, etc. another one of us, the 99%, we are then helping the wicked zionists to come closer to achieving their ultimate goal. We can speak out against zionism until the cows come home, but if we're still attacking one another, the speaking out is all for naught because in reality we're giving the zionists what they want: division of the masses. We have at our fingertips the ability, the tool, to unite all over the globe through the Internet. So, why aren't we using this unity tool to OUR advantage? Why are we catering to the zionists by dividing ourselves? The zionists are "banking on it", literally. If we Love each other, are kind and respectful towards each other, this will bring us together, and ultimately, destroy/eradicate zionism.

~ Artsieladie/ Sharon Donnelly
Zionism - 2018-07-17

House Of Windsor and New World Order

#NWO An EXCELLENT documentary connecting all the #EVIL dots, the intermarriage of families to increase power and control, the changing of surnames to protect the evil and covert agenda of bringing the NWO agenda to fruition, all the interwoven connections over centuries of planning for this end of humanity event. But how many will even bother to watch it? Only those who care to educate themselves with truth.


We, the 99%, must learn well our enemy, expose them for the wicked people they are, and then incarcerate them and throw away the key. 

An excellent read covering the long history of the wicked Rothschild influence over the world for centuries:


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"Wicked Force"

To all the hidden truths, we must connect the dots
To piece together the picture of all the wicked plots
The elites have in motion to acquire full control
Of all the world and peoples, their intended goal.

We cannot fight against that which of, we're unaware
And as we learn the hidden truths, we then must share
With all the rest of us, the ninety-nine percent,
So all together we can, their plans, circumvent.

The zionist elites have many puppets on their string
Who have been programmed to for them, results bring,
On their command all intentionally levied and applied
To spread fear and hatred among us to, us, divide.

'Divide and conquer' is a known and proven strategy,
Which we've seen evidence of throughout history.
If we are to win this war against humanity,
We must not divide but unite to defeat this travesty.

We must flush out the puppets, expose them, every one,
Until the task's completed; until the task is done.
Without their puppet army doing their wicked deeds,
We can then destroy the wicked right where the wicked breeds.

Destruction of the wicked must be the collective plan
And it must be now put in motion in any way we can.
In numbers, we are many, compared to their few;
United we have the power to do what we must do.

But the longer we procrastinate, keep wasting our energy,
Allowing our differences to divide us, closer we will be,
To our own demise and left without a possible recourse
All because we didn't stand together against the Wicked Force.

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2017-05-06 15:42:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.

Elite Defeat

"Elite Defeat"

We must learn the truths to break free
From the grip of death upon humanity.
To tackle, destroy, the wicked elite,
We must be armed with truth to defeat.

When a web of lies is woven so tight,
The trapped within can't see the Light.
But when rays of truth do penetrate,
We must follow the beam, not hesitate.

For it is the truth that will set us free;
Truth is the way, the Light, and the key,
That will destroy the web so tightly knit.
With our freedom at stake, we cannot quit.

Breaking free from the wickeds' grip
Is an arduous, unending, grueling trip
Plagued with deceit meant to steer,
Make the way of truth a direction unclear.

The doubters among us without backbone;
The puppets among us to the elitists atone;
The predators with self serving ambitions,
Are all unrecruitable for freedom's missions.

But the rest of us, we must awaken
Or all of humanity we'll have forsaken.
Those of us who are already so,
Must awaken others until all will know.

All the peoples around the globe
Must question, poke, prod, and probe
Until all the truths kept heavily guarded,
Destroy the evil plot and is then discarded.

We have not time to be ignorant or complacent,
For controlling the world is way past nascent.
If we can't for ourselves, do what's right,
We must, generations to come, spare not spite.

Every truth uncovered exposing the evil plots,
Must be collectively used to connect the dots,
So as the squares are filled, our wins marked,
Our enemy we make progressively carked.

Prepare we must for evil's defensive state,
For unleashed will be satan's extremest hate.
It's always darkest though before daylight.
So, we mustn't surrender, give up the fight.

We, the peoples, of a massive count,
Can altogether and united, surmount
The wicked among us, who number few;
Prove over evil, good shines through.

But if among ourselves, we fight and bicker,
Show disrespect, we then bring on quicker,
The covert plans of the wicked elite,
Which divided and weakened, we can't defeat.

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2017-05-01 15:19:00 (EST)