To raise awareness about the underlying plot by the elitists (aka zionists, illuminati, cabal, satanists, wealthy 1%) to take control over, run and own the entire world to bring the NWO (new world order) agenda of theirs to fruition: ONE world tyrannical government ruled by them, ONE world church to worship lucifer, ONE world bank owned by them, ONE world military under their order... in essence, all the world and all the 99% remaining people (not them) they desire to enslave, own, and control. THIS would be a travesty no words can describe upon us all, upon humanity, upon the world. We, the 99% peoples of the world, must unite and prevent this from ever happening. These elitists are deeply rooted in almost every government of the world. We all must do everything we can to break apart, destroy this mission and Break Free from their wicked grip on the world.


Profit Pie

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"Profit Pie"

Keep the people sick. Keep the people ill
For profit's being made from each and every pill.
The more pills we take; the more pills we need,
The more we help Big Pharma to satisfy their greed.
Causes of disease must be kept in place
So treating of the symptoms can keep their profit base.
While Big Pharma benefits, their profits growing yearly,
With our health and money, we pay the cost severely.

Our food laced with chemicals, artificial, processed crap,
Genetically modified junk, sets the disease begetting trap.
With tons of sugar added and loads and loads of salt,
Ingredients known as harmful, insuring disease by default.
As long as we, the people, are with ailments and disease,
Our money can be taken for their profit gains, with ease.

The food industry sets the stage, the bakers of the pie,
Invites in other fingers, none of which are shy.
Their recipe is simple, made of our blood and sweat.
As we struggle to survive, they steal all that they can get.
As we're slowly cooked, we're bled until we're dry.
When our pockets are all empty, they care not if we die.

Yes, we, the people, are finger licking good,
'Cause without us, the greedy have no profit livelihood!
Still, the tasty, main ingredient of this, the Profit Pie,
Is not we, the people, but the money we supply.
Oh, the pie's delicious, delectable and sweet,
With the greedy gorging on the profits by deceit.

Beneficiaries are awarded with the rolling of the dice,
With Big Pharma and the lawyers winning each the biggest slice.
The weight loss industry is in, lapping up its share of gravy
From the pie, a sea of profits with no patrolling Navy.
The medical field has a chunk, not too shabby is its size
With the charges by the doctors ever increasing, on the rise.

Our FDA, the referee, is under fox patrol.
How safe are the people when Big Pharma has control?
Health insurance companies now have the upper hand,
Since we've been forced to buy through an executive demand.
Which brings up to mention our politicians' roles.
Though they won't admit it, they're on one or more doles.
Oh, the elitists' Profit Pie serves mighty well, their greed,
Their hearts with no conscience, who, on innocent people, feed.

"When lust for money takes precedence and thrives;
Humanity regresses when money's valued more than lives."
~ Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2016-06-26 16:05:00 (EST) All rights reserved.

"Congress calls it 'health' care but is it for our health
Or is it for big profits to keep us sick for 'wealth'?"
~ Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly