To raise awareness about the underlying plot by the elitists (aka zionists, illuminati, cabal, satanists, wealthy 1%) to take control over, run and own the entire world to bring the NWO (new world order) agenda of theirs to fruition: ONE world tyrannical government ruled by them, ONE world church to worship lucifer, ONE world bank owned by them, ONE world military under their order... in essence, all the world and all the 99% remaining people (not them) they desire to enslave, own, and control. THIS would be a travesty no words can describe upon us all, upon humanity, upon the world. We, the 99% peoples of the world, must unite and prevent this from ever happening. These elitists are deeply rooted in almost every government of the world. We all must do everything we can to break apart, destroy this mission and Break Free from their wicked grip on the world.
House Of Windsor and New World Order

Root Of Corruption

"Root Of Corruption"

When the line between right and wrong
Is or becomes weak instead of strong;
When a code of ethics is not set in place,
With a moral compass for one to embrace,
One can easily succumb, give in to temptation,
Use excuses to justify for one's validation.

Each time the line is crossed, wrong is justified;
Each time a person accepts it's okay they have lied,
Doing so becomes easier until it's their normal way
And in this comfort zone they'll adhere to and stay.
Matters insignificant pull in the unsuspecting weak,
Priming them to accept the same with all they may seek.

There's a reason for values to be cultivated
In the human character and must not be eliminated,
For when there are no values or if they are weak,
The line between right and wrong at best, is oblique.
One must have principles and be committed to uphold
Or when tempted by corruption, they will then fold.

The corrupted have no morals by which to abide;
Pursue to feed their lust and is their only guide.
Without human values to provide them with resistance,
Their conscience erodes away in a state of non-existence.
Humility becomes the enemy when/as the ego takes control
And for greed and power, they forfeit then their soul.

Infected with corruption, it's all they will perpetuate
And so, they seek others to likewise within cultivate
To be for them their servants to fulfill their selfish needs;
Using blackmail to entrap the same to do their dirty deeds.
Those without a backbone, without principles in place,
Self serving butt kissers, the corrupted do embrace.

Hence, those with principles, with a strong moral code,
With humility in place, conscience others can't erode,
Are of no use to the corrupted being incorruptible,
But are the enemy, for the corrupted can't pull the wool
Over the eyes of one who maintains truth as their guide,
Who cultivates humility instead of their ego's vain pride.

Those who brown nose, suck up, and kiss others' asses,
Perpetuate corruption, become an enemy of the masses,
For corruption has infected governments around the globe,
Each a foul cesspool, which to, we all should be a phobe.
Self servers with no morals, no ethics, no integrity
Are/become puppets of the elite destroying humanity.

As a society, we need to reaffirm and too, accentuate
The importance of integrity humanity needs to cultivate.
For instead, society is breeding narcissistic types
And society wonders why, complaining, spewing gripes.
In this 'me world' we live in, the self is glorified;
Accountability's abandoned as our wrongs are justified.

Society as a whole rebukes the most important trait,
Allowing the human ego full control to annihilate
The key human value we need to cultivate the rest,
All the values/traits to make our character, the best.
Without humility in place, our ego we will serve
And won't then feel the need to better traits preserve.

Meanwhile, all the things we crave money cannot buy,
We deny ourselves of, yet, can't comprehend the why.
We cannot truly Love by placing self always first
And so, for the rewards of Love, we will always thirst.
True happiness and joy and the peace we long to feel,
Without humility to teach us, our ego will then steal.

When we're slaves to our ego, we're blind to its intrusion,
Our free will from God then turn's into just an illusion.
Since the ego is deceptive and the truth it pulverizes,
We can be lulled into its web to serve the master of disguises.
Without a value system with humility at the helm to steer,
Tempting waters make right versus wrong, foggy and unclear.

Humans' darkest side, the ego represents and instigates,
While its opposite, humility, instills humans' best traits.
As a species, we claim to be the most intelligent and evolved,
But it's just our ego's arrogance, in reality we've devolved.
Corruption is the product, thriving on our darkest traits.
Yet, still we feed the ego knowing for what it advocates.

Only when we learn what is costing us our peace,
What is causing human vileness we wish for to cease,
And then apply the knowledge of, will we then turn around
Our direction of doomsday, which to currently, we are bound.
With the ego carved so deeply and as the preferred trait,
It's doubtful without humility, we'll ever change our fate.

If we hope to end corruption, we must eradicate the cause,
Subdue the human ego; for humility, generously applause.
Otherwise, the symptoms, the fallout, and the crime
Can and will only worsen with the passing by of time.
To target the Root Of Corruption, to destroy, obliterate,
In our character, humility, its value, we must reinstate.

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2018-07-21 19:40:00 (EDT)
All rights reserved.